Board Games That Were a hit on Black Fridat

If you are passionate about board games, Black Friday is certainly a great opportunity to grab some pieces to add to your collection or, why not, recover some historical games that you have not yet been able to buy. While we point out some interesting offers, we suggest you take a look at the page containing all the best offers of this Black Friday, so that you can monitor all the products you like.

Offers Black Friday Board Games
Jumanji was a film that marked the childhood of many people born in the 90s, also thanks to a splendid Robin Williams in the role of Alan Parrish, who was sucked into the cursed board game, only to return to our world many years later to be able to finish the game started a long time ago. If you are a fan of the film, you can now take home the replica of Jumanji, impeccably made! Of course, it will not transport you to the jungle, but it will give you many hours of fun, at a very competitive price: the game is in fact on offer at € 23.49, against € 33.99 of the list price!

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Offers Black Friday Board Games
On the other hand, Arkham Horror is quite different, an experience designed for all fans of the literary universe created by H.P. Lovecraft and for all horror lovers: in this adventure, we will be called, in the role of investigators, to solve mysteries related to some strange phenomena and we will have to do everything to stop the Great Beings and thwart the end of the world. In this new, completely revised edition, we find a completely new graphics and a set of rules revised and expanded by the same creator of the game Richard Launius. Definitely a great opportunity, also considering the price: € 26.99 against the € 49.90 of the list price!

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