Best 20 Indie Games

You may not have noticed it but we are already at the end of November, and this means that the rankings of the 10 best games of 2020 are starting to flock to the net.

To kick off the dances is the prestigious TIME magazine, which has drawn up its own ranking, as always questionable and as always full of ideas, of the ten pearls of the annus horribilis that we are about to put behind us.

It was Supergiant Games’ indie Hades, who also earned a nomination for the GOTY award at The Game Awards.


Also on the podium are Spider-Man Miles Morales and The Last of Us Part II, second and third respectively, and perhaps here we start with the controversial opinions.

Just down from the podium we find Among Us which, although it came out in 2018, literally exploded as a pop phenomenon only this year.

This is the top ten in its entirety:

Spider-Man: Miles Morales
The Last of Us Part II
Among Us
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Ori and The Will of The Wisps
Call of Duty: Warzone
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Fall Guys
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2
Of course, be sure to let us know yours in the comments, but be aware that TIME’s top 10 games of 2020 ranking is just the beginning of a long journey that will accompany us to the end of the year.

We take this opportunity to remind you that The Game Awards 2020 will be held on the night between 10 and 11 December, and that SpazioGames will be among the jurors for the first time.

This means that we have determined the nominations with our vote and will decree, together with colleagues from all over the world, the best titles in the various categories and obviously for the GOTY.

Epic Games Free PC games of November 1

Epic Games’ initiative to offer at least one free game a week does not stop, and also for this Thursday PC players can thank Epic for a couple of new titles to add to their library. After a couple of weeks spent with only one game as a gift, today you can redeem the beauty of two PC games simply by logging into the Epic digital store with your account.

The first of this new pairing of games is Elite Dangerous, the famous space title developed by Frontier Developments that has managed to thrill a myriad of players. A title that offers players an original open world adventure in an interconnected galaxy with a constantly evolving story and the Milky Way recreated in its entirety. You can redeem Elite Dangerous for free at this url.

Epic Games Store
The second title proposed by the Epic Games Store for this week is The World Next Door, a colorful indie puzzle with an artistic style that winks at modern American cartoons. The game combines lightning-fast puzzle battles with powerful storytelling and the evocative elements of a visual novel. The World Next Door follows Jun, a rebellious teenager trapped in a parallel realm inhabited by magical creatures. You can redeem it at this address.

As has become tradition, once the new free games to be redeemed are released, the Epic Games Store opens a window to the future; so as to have a first look at the next games that will be made free in exactly one week. In fact, in seven days it will be MudRunner’s turn. What do you think of the pair of games proposed by the Epic store this week? Which of the two titles are you most curious to try? Tell us yours with a comment.

Board Games That Were a hit on Black Fridat

If you are passionate about board games, Black Friday is certainly a great opportunity to grab some pieces to add to your collection or, why not, recover some historical games that you have not yet been able to buy. While we point out some interesting offers, we suggest you take a look at the page containing all the best offers of this Black Friday, so that you can monitor all the products you like.

Offers Black Friday Board Games
Jumanji was a film that marked the childhood of many people born in the 90s, also thanks to a splendid Robin Williams in the role of Alan Parrish, who was sucked into the cursed board game, only to return to our world many years later to be able to finish the game started a long time ago. If you are a fan of the film, you can now take home the replica of Jumanji, impeccably made! Of course, it will not transport you to the jungle, but it will give you many hours of fun, at a very competitive price: the game is in fact on offer at € 23.49, against € 33.99 of the list price!

Not subscribed to the Amazon Prime service? Click here to register!

Offers Black Friday Board Games
On the other hand, Arkham Horror is quite different, an experience designed for all fans of the literary universe created by H.P. Lovecraft and for all horror lovers: in this adventure, we will be called, in the role of investigators, to solve mysteries related to some strange phenomena and we will have to do everything to stop the Great Beings and thwart the end of the world. In this new, completely revised edition, we find a completely new graphics and a set of rules revised and expanded by the same creator of the game Richard Launius. Definitely a great opportunity, also considering the price: € 26.99 against the € 49.90 of the list price!

Jigsaw Puzzle Market Report 2021 Popular Game Trends

The Jigsaw Puzzle Market report covers the current state of the market including Jigsaw Puzzle market size, growth rate, recent developments, prominent players, market dynamics, and current competitive landscape. Additionally, the report analyzes future opportunities, demand, growth drivers, and market forecasts to assess key player strategies in terms of mergers and acquisitions, technology innovations, R and D investments. Furthermore, the report also has analytical strength, weakness, threats and opportunities in terms of SWOT analysis with present and future effects of COVID-19 on the Jigsaw Puzzle market.

COVID-19 can affect the global economy in three main ways: by directly affecting production and demand, with the creation of supply chains and market disruptions, and with its financial impact on businesses and financial markets.

Final report will add the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this sector.

Market Jigsaw Puzzle Short Description:
Jigsaw Puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of often irregularly shaped interlocking and tessellating pieces. Each piece usually has a small part of a photo on it; When finished, a puzzle produces a complete picture. In some cases, more advanced types have appeared on the market, such as spherical puzzles and puzzles that show optical illusions.

The research covers the current Jigsaw Puzzle market size of the market and its growth rates based on 5-year registrations with the outline company of key players / producers:
Springbok Puzzles
Schmidt Spiele
Educa Borras
Artifact Puzzles
Toy Town
Cobble Hill
White Mountain Puzzles
Buffalo Games

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2: The Classic Puzzle Game

Puyo Puyo Tetris has managed to charm all fans, both because of its spirit of conservation and charm, and because of its continuous daring and reshuffling the cards on the table of a genre that, apparently, still has a lot to say.

With Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 we are essentially faced with a title that, on the one hand, proposes all the best ideas of the previous chapter, and on the other, amplifies the experience with a whole series of elements that inevitably intrigue.

It is a crossover that however also maintains faith in the roots from which it is drawn, making available to the player, from the very first screen, the possibility of being able to immerse themselves in the titles that build this mixture, separately. Pure Puyo Tetris 2, in its main menu, is divided into: Adventure, Single, Multiplayer, Options and data, Online and Lessons. This last possibility proves to be extremely fundamental for all those who have never tried one of the two titles mixed and proposed.

It is a section of the game entirely dedicated to teaching the basics, but also the advanced phases, not only of Puyo Puyo and Tetris, but also of the various modalities proposed here, thus offering a detailed pseudo-encyclopedic approach, careful to explain each good thing, making use of a direct and well-pitted simplicity. As we said, the first item that stands out is the Adventure mode: equipped with an innovative interface that recalls that of a board game, the Sugoroku, and a large amount of characters, the story will certainly not be remembered for the narrative component. The story, which involves old and new heroes, tends to tire quickly: the somewhat stereotyped protagonists and the succession of long fixed screen dialogues do not help, on the other hand, to encourage user involvement.

The Adventure, however, acts as a perfect training ground for getting closer to both styles of play present in the work and the various old and new modes contained in the package. In the approximately 80 levels, some of which are completely optional, it is possible to test yourself in challenges of increasing level, which help to practice and to unlock extra side elements, such as scenarios and music, but also characters and objects of fundamental importance. Still on the subject of learning the basic rules, the presence of the “Automatic difficulty” is certainly interesting, an option linked to the Adventure mode that shapes the skill of the CPU based on the skill of the player.

PS5 New Games That Will Get you Busy

PS5 is finally among us! Many users are finally trying the new Sony home console after an interminable, sometimes unnerving, wait. In fact, during 2020, Sony made fans wait for a long time before unveiling the design of its new console, only to reveal the price and release date only two months ago. PlayStation 5 (of which we invite you to view our technical review) arrives in the homes of Italians with a substantial launch line-up, many titles for all tastes of the lucky owners.

We are therefore preparing for the Christmas holidays to properly exploit the powerful hardware assembled by Sony, to welcome the ninth generation of consoles for good. We have therefore decided to draw up a guide that will help you choose which games to launch your new next-gen console. Are you ready to discover the various pearls that will accompany you in this initial phase?

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales coverMarvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales is set after the events of the 2018 adventure. In this new chapter we will play the role of Miles Morales, friend of Peter Parker who in his absence finds himself responsible for protecting New York … After all: “With great power comes great responsibility”, to duly quote Ben Parker. With stunning graphics, enhanced even more by ray-tracing, the Insomniac title is perfect to kick off the next generation. A pleasure for the o

Demon’s Souls Remake

Demon’s Souls Remake cover 11 years have passed since FromSoftware revolutionized the gaming industry with the first ever Soulslike work! The Bluepoint Games team had the honor of restoring one of the most important works of the seventh generation of gaming, bringing Demon’s Souls Remake to PlayStation 5. Set in a jaw-breaking Boletaria, the game will ensure users many hours of pure adrenaline thanks to the high difficulty rate. Do you want to inaugurate your console with a challenge? Then it’s the right title for you!


NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 Cover Developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K, the new game dedicated to the National Basketball Association is certainly one of the best sports simulators this year. With several visual enhancements, such as the introduction of ray-tracing capable of mirroring the playing field, NBA2K21 arrives on PS5 in better shape than ever. In addition to this, several new gameplay and online modes have been implemented, to guarantee fans an unforgettable experience.


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla coverThe ten-year Ubisoft saga moves to the icy lands of Norway and green England. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the perfect junction between the old and the new course of the saga, maintaining the Action / RPG style introduced with Origins and reintroducing the social steath mechanics that had shaped the series. Thanks to a high-level narrative and a huge number of activities, the title will keep you company for many hours. Enjoy your Viking saga on PlayStation 5 at 60fps in 4K!

Days Gone

Days Gone Cover Released last year on PlayStation 4, Days Gone is the most challenging work created by SIE Bend Studio. This is a fantastic post-apocalyptic open-world zombie-themed (called Furiosi) with some very interesting news. What made the title unforgettable was the mechanics of the hordes, also fun thanks to an excellent shooting system. On Sony’s next-gen console, the game is available via backward compatibility, but will run at a whopping 60fps in 4K. In case you haven’t played it, it could be the right time!

Dirt 5

Dirt 5 cover The eighth installment of the Codemasters racing series, is the perfect game for all four-wheel enthusiasts to take full advantage of the potential of PlayStation 5! In addition to breathtaking graphics, Dirt 5 offers the possibility to choose whether to play in 4K, or at 120fps. Thanks to the adaptive triggers of DualSense, the game will change the intensity of the pressure of the latter according to the type of terrain. Adrenaline, diving and mud await you!

Puzzles for Children

Sixty boxes of toys, in this case puzzles for children without safety warnings, were seized by the Piacenza Financial Police following a check in a sales point in a city shopping center. The inspection is part of a verification activity on the safety of products, in particular that of toys, and the protection of consumers, implemented during the Christmas period.

The seized products – which by law before being placed on the market must always be accompanied by general warnings such as information on the minimum age of the user and the precautions to be followed before its use – were devoid of such indications.
At the end of the inspection, the owner of the business was reported to the Chamber
of Commerce for the initiation of the administrative sanction procedure, which can reach up to 10 thousand euros.

PS5 Top New Game Trends

Sony has kicked off the Black Friday discounts on the PlayStation Store, discounting the first next-gen games for PS5.

This is in fact the first wave of sales that concerns productions available for both PS4 and PlayStation 5, with the possibility of upgrading from one generation to another at no additional cost.

While this selection of games relates to digital versions, we recommend that you keep an eye on our hub for the best Black Friday deals at major Italian chains.

The list includes:

FIFA 21 Beckham Edition – € 38.49
Watch Dogs Legion – € 45.49
Madden NFL 21 – € 38.49
FIFA 21 Champions Edition – € 39.59
Watch Dogs Gold Edition – 74.99 euros
FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition – 49.99 euros
No Man’s Sky – 24.99 euros
Borderlands 3 – 19.59 euros
WRC 9 – € 29.99
Maneater – 25.99 euros
WRC 9 – € 34.99
Madden NFL 21 MVP Edition – 49.99 euros
Madden NFL 21 Deluxe Edition – € 39.59
These games include a free upgrade for PS5, which is already available instantly as WRC 9 and Watch Dogs Legion, or coming soon.

The latter is the case of FIFA 21, which will receive its next-gen upgrade only on 4 December with a redesigned graphics sector to take advantage of the power of the new consoles.

Of course, a great opportunity to start playing if you don’t yet have a next-gen console, which is very likely, and continue your experiences as soon as you have them.

The Black Friday offers on PlayStation Store are valid until November 30, so you still have a few days to choose your next game carefully.

Board Games to Play with Friends in Distance

Board games are lockdown’s best friends. There are perfect titles for just two, to do with the kids and even alone. In recent years, however, the possibility of playing online has also emerged, challenging your friends from a distance or meeting strangers for a quick game. Or you can create mixed “tables”, adding who is available to your party. There aren’t a lot of platforms but they generally work well in transposing analog titles to displays. If we know the game we are ready to play it, otherwise we find the regulations and often video tutorials. But now let’s see the best.

Board Game Arena

Board Game Arena is our favorite remote gaming platform. Also available in Italian, it offers many titles and is constantly updated. The graphic interface is minimalist but refined and the experience is the most user friendly. It is very easy to organize a game and invite friends or strangers, it is free but offers some subscription games (2 euros per month).

You can then play in real time, seeing the moves of your opponents, or in turns, being notified by email when it’s our turn. In the system we find the regulations to read to learn new games, but also a learning mode and an artificial intelligence that helps us.

If it works perfectly from a computer, Board Game Arena struggles a bit on smartphone tablets, giving different results depending on the game. Among the titles we find great very simple classics such as Carcassonne, Puerto Rico or Stone Age, beautiful titles for two such as 7 Winders Duel, Dragon Castle and Targi but also challenging titles such as Terra Mystica, Through The Ages, Nippon. In addition to these we also recommend two winners of the Game of the Year, namely Kingdomino and Explosive Potions.


Total platform, Tabletopia stands out for several reasons. It is the only one available not only via browser but also with ad hoc apps for iOS, Android and PC (via Steam). In addition, it reproduces the game and the table with 3D graphics, an interesting element that can often create confusion or slow down the operating system a lot. Sometimes too many commands have to be entered for a single action which may be automatic. As for the number of games, however, it is unbeatable, over a thousand titles against the 400 of Board Game Arena, and to play them all you have to pay 5 dollars a month (about 4.20 euros). In short, it is designed for those who want lots of news and previews.

Beating Dyslexia with Readings and Games

Dyslexia consists of the difficulty in learning to read, write and do calculations, a problem that in any case has nothing to do with the child’s intelligence. It is a disorder that has different levels of complexity and that can be diagnosed even in adulthood. It should be pointed out that dyslexia, like all ASD, is not a disease, but a specific mode of functioning of some neural “passages”. In this case, those needed to decipher written letters and numbers.

The diagnosis must be made by specialists, such as a child psychologist or neuropsychiatrist, through tests. If necessary, the dyslexic child can be followed by a speech therapist, who can limit the effects of the problem by proposing a series of specific exercises.

Before even starting with the exercises, it is essential to understand that there are some things not to do with children suffering from dyslexia: have them read aloud; correct all errors in written texts; give lists of words to learn; get them copied from the blackboard; have the work already done copied, because it is incorrect or messy; compare them to others.

The exercises proposed to the child and his family, which can and must also involve the school, are aimed at helping the child to better manage the problems of reading, writing and understanding the text, also taking into consideration the possibility of support. psychological to deal with any emotional distress caused by the difficulties encountered. The first steps must be taken with the family. First of all, telling the child the truth, in simple words, is the first step to reassure him.

Reading stories aloud can convey the love of reading. This, growing up, can help the child to enrich their vocabulary even by reading silently, alone. Creating a good dialogue, with question and answer, is always positive: those suffering from dyslexia are afraid of making mistakes, by doing so they help to overcome this fear. Finally, the use of specific software, also in the form of games, allows the child to face the school path more serenely.